A link, a click and a call. That’s it.

With Clickacall people can make instant voice or video calls to anybody, just by clicking a link. 

Any browser, any device. A link embedded in websites, emails, texts, social media or marketing campaigns provides hassle free communication for the user and powerful backend features such as call recordings, lead tracking and agent management through either our web or mobile app.



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W H A T ' S  D I F F E R E N T ?

Make it easier for your customers & users to call

Track how people reach you & what page they're on. Direct calls to any staff member or to teams

U S E  I T  A N Y W H E R E

Invite people to voice or video call – wherever they are

Unique links for all your team. Create unlimited groups to let people contact specific departments.

1 click video call

Receive 1-Click Video Calls

No downloads, no device compatibility, just instant video calls. 

Receive 1 click voice calls

Receive 1-Click Voice Calls

Don't Want to use video? No Problem just use the audio only link.

Missed call lead forms

Missed Call Lead Forms

Someone clicks to call but you miss it? You can still capture their details.

Set up unlimited call groups

Set up Unlimited Call Groups

Route calls to multiple people in seconds with no training required.

Record calls

Record Calls,   Log Conversions

Full call recordings, notes and status options built in to track leads.

Track how callers reach you

Track How Callers Reach You

Get overview insights into agent, campaign or overall performance. 




Email a one-click call button or web-link to individuals, or add to signatures.




Add call buttons to any public page of your website, or to specific areas such as user dashboards

SMS Texts



Create links to be used in SMS marketing campaigns, directing users to sales or support teams.

Social Media



Post links out on your social media accounts to give potential customers direct access to sales staff.

Interested in reseller, affiliate or white label?