inbound video calls with just a click

Clickacall lets people video call your business for free by simply clicking a weblink inserted into your emails, website, sms or social media. Everybody in your business can now benefit from face to face live video calls. Discover great improvements in online communications with your customers & users. Easily track how callers reached you and setup group links that will ring all available staff in a team. No software & no signups for callers. Just Click & Call.

Offer live video calls with a single click

Don't make people signup or download software to video call you

Receive 1-Click Video Calls

Support All Staff In Your Business

Setup Unlimited Call Groups

Track How Callers Reach You

Invite people to video or voice call from anywhere

Unique links for all your staff. Setup unlimited groups to let people contact specific departments

Email a one-click call button or web-link to individuals, or add to the signature of all emails


Add call buttons to any public page of your website, or just to the logged-in user dashboard

sms texts

Setup a Clickacall Group to reach all call-centre staff. Add the group link to your sms marketing campaign

social media

Setup a Clickacall Group to reach all sales staff. Add the group link to your sales-related social media posts

Access all these great features today

Unlimited users & groups, priority support, a capped rate for life and more

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Quickly add call button or link

Add our call buttons to your website and emails with just 1 line of code. Or use our simple short URL in your texts, emails and social posts

Agents and groups

Setup unlimited agent accounts for all your staff and create unlimited groups of agents ready to handle different types of incoming video & voice calls

Dynamic call routing

Route calls to the most appropriate agents or groups depending on factors such as time of day, or which web pages, emails or sms callers originate from

Simple for your users

No login, new apps or software downloads for your callers. With one click straight from their browser, sms, email or social apps they can be face to face with you for a real in-person experience

Video or voice-only

Video isn't always appropriate. So let your staff and callers choose whether to turn their video on, or use voice-only. Let them switch video on or off during the call with the click of a button

Easy screen sharing

With the click of a button your staff and callers can share a live view of their screens. It's view-only so completely secure, ensuring the other party can't take control or access the device

Caller tracking & insights

Track marketing ROI on the agent's live call handling screen. See the callers IP address, referrer page, current web page (including all parameters) and a new/repeat visitor flag. You can even pass your own dynamic data & insights

Channel pivoting

Create a connected impression of your organisation by seamlessly helping customers pivot with a single click from web, sms, social & chat directly to video and voice without interrupting their experience and workflow


Your customers can call you from their favourite Mac, Windows, iPhone or Android devices. Our video engine works across web, mobile & desktop and uses the hugely popular WebRTC technology, built in to most modern browsers

Reliable infrastructure

Clickacall has been designed to be highly scalable and we can handle any volume of video & voice calls. Our systems are dependable, offering a high uptime and high quality video & voice calling solution

Enabling business growth

Creating a seamless environment to engage face to face with your digital visitors will help increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, increase up-sell & cross-sell, and help retain customers

Secure & compliant

Clickacall is completely private and calls are encrypted with industry-standard encryption. We are GDPR compliant, helping clients to conform to strict regulations and compliance requirements

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Live video calls are already happening

Ensure your business is ready to support customers who want to video call

live video calling with businesses and brands has grown over 230% in recent years, compared to just 130% for use of social feeds and under 110% for messaging apps

nearly 40% of people say video offers the most personal communications experience, compared to under 15% for social media

live video has been rapidly adopted in social communication, with consumer to business video now quickly following

40% of people say they video chat more than they did a year ago

a third of people in the USA use live video to communicate with businesses and brands, with 20% doing so every week

25% of people who haven't yet tried live video calling with a business or brand say they will in the future

1 in 3 people video chat at least once a week

millenials lead the way with live video, but all age groups including over 55's are increasing their usage year on year

Clickacall & video will benefit your business

Offering live video calls should be a crucial part of any business communications plan
Better client relationships

"Out of the box live interactive video & voice calling and screen-share" ... Clickacall improves the human connection between your staff and anybody wishing to connect online with your business

Reduces barriers for callers

Add a single line of code to your website or insert a simple web-link into emails, sms & social posts. People can click and call any time to reach you via video or voice, from any browser and any device

Track how callers reach you

You can view details and bespoke insights about the caller within your browser, alongside each incoming call. No more "how did you hear of us" when you take calls, you will already know!

Improve leads, sales & service

Clickacall provides a fast and effective way for people to engage face to face with your business, helping restore the personal interaction so often lost during the online sales or support process

Flexible pricing model

Clickacall's volume-based pricing model, with no one-off or recurring fees and no long-term commitment offers complete flexibility and low cost of entry for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Works across all sectors

Clickacall has been designed to work well in large and small businesses & organisations across many local and global industries and sectors. See our Use Cases for some great examples

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