Aiming to hit the video mark

Clickacall is a new way of helping sales leads, customers, website visitors and other users contact a business with a one click video or voice call directly from a website, email, sms or social post. It's easy to use and affordable to businesses of all sizes with it's simple pay as you go model.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Steve Procter, Clickacall is applying a tried and tested business startup formula that takes seemingly complex technology and provides a new, refreshing and easily-affordable approach for use by all.

Existing video solutions

To date, live interactive video solutions either require user signups, new app installations or software downloads. Or they have a need for users and businesses to pre-arrange and schedule video meetings or conferences or book special video rooms. Many rely on all parties going to the video-provider's own website, which can interrupt their current workflow.

Existing video solutions often charge businesses a monthly fee for each member of staff requiring access, which can cause costs to very quickly build up. Smaller businesses can effectively be over-charged when on a monthly fee if the number of video-minutes they make each month is relatively small.

Video is next to rocket

Clickacall's founder has spotted a gap in the video industry. A simplified pricing model that charges no monthly or recurring fees and only charges a low cost per-minute of video or voice calls actually made. We also believe that any pre-paid video minutes purchases by a business should be available for all their staff across the company. We charge no extra fees for additional staff.

A fresh approach, dramatic cost-simplification and an exciting one-click button or link to add to any website, email, sms or social post will allow Clickacall to open up live interactive video for any business.

As a successful venture technologist with 30 years IT and business experience, Clickacall's founder is set to re-awaken the live interactive video market.

Clickacall has a winning formula

It's time for Clickacall to win.  We've done it before...

In 1999 Clickacall's founder created Easily, one of the first domain name registration companies and with the first easy to use DNS management dashboard. It created mass market appeal and slashed the going rate for domain names. Recognising an internet technology that was restricted to a handful of players, Easily was a rare dotcom era success in the UK and helped open up the $4 billion domain name market.

A few years later Steve spotted a similar market for providing low-cost SMS text marketing services to small businesses. SMS Expert took a complex technology, made the price accessible and wrapped it in a simple dashboard for use by any high street business. The approach kicked off the UK text marketing industry.

More recently we created Nearevo, a proximity discovery & marketing solution for businesses and brands that turns their physical world into an internet of things.

The founding team

Steve Procter
Steve Procter
Founder + Director

Steve is a successful tech entrepreneur & venture technologist and the brains behind Clickacall's concept & business.

Having previously worked in a number of large software consultancies and in the City, plus set up 3 other internet startups, Steve brings over 30 years IT experience to Clickacall.

Joe Scott
Joe Scott
Systems & Web Developer

Joe designed, built and maintains the Clickacall service and acts as our in-house video technology specialist.

As an all-round developer who has specialised in bringing to life Android apps and other web services for many individual clients and household names, Joe brings a wealth of experience.

Matt Foster
Matt Foster
System Architect

Matt supports the live video platform and acts as Clickacall's system architecture & security expert.

With over 20 years experience from a wide range of industry sectors, Matt's technical and business knowledge enables us to provide a secure & stable platform.

Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson
Digital Designer

Dan has been instrumental in the design of the Clickacall brand, acting as our main designer and marketing expert.

With over 7 years experience on a wide range of platforms from print to online, Dan’s knowledge enables us to provide a target driven marketing and design solution.