Please find our support guide to help you setup and configure your Clickacall account using our cloud based dashboard. The team will continually add to the guide so please re-visit from time to time.

We've tried to include relevant information for business owners, staff and marketers as well as technical information for developers. We also have some useful bits on our FAQ's pages. But if you can't find the answer to your questions then please contact us for further assistance.

Do you have a list of the newest features and bug fixes?

Absolutely. Please click here to find descriptions of the latest fixes we've made to the Clickacall system together with all the great new features we've added.


The team will continually add to the list as we continue to fix and add more features.


If you have an idea for a new feature or have found an issue with the system then please contact us with further details.

How can I get further help?