The online world needs to get personal

The internet is a fantastic place for businesses to thrive, with a global reach we could have only dreamt of 30 years ago. But the personal touch is being lost as customer and user communication with businesses is reduced to email or so-called live text chat - often not with a human but with a semi-automated robot.

Live interactive video calls are rightly being heralded as a tool that will bring back face to face connections and make the online world human. And Clickacall has a vision for how this can be done.

Clickacall is a new way of helping sales leads, customers, website visitors and other users contact a business with a one-click video or voice call directly from a website, email, sms or social post and using any device. It's easy to use, provides full tracking of callers and is affordable to businesses of all sizes with a simple pay as you go model. Integration is as simple as copying and pasting a unique short URL into a website, email, etc.

Existing video solutions

To date, live interactive video solutions either require user signups, new app installations or software downloads. Or they have a need for users and businesses to pre-arrange and schedule video meetings or conferences or book special video rooms. Many rely on all parties going to the video-provider's own website, which can interrupt their current workflow.

Existing video solutions often charge businesses a monthly fee for each member of staff requiring access, which can cause costs to very quickly build up. Businesses can effectively be over-charged when on a monthly fee, especially if the number of video-minutes each staff member makes each month is relatively small.

Simple click to call video is next to rocket

Clickacall has spotted a gap in the video industry and will provide a fresh approach to live interactive video. Any business, big or small, should be able to add a simple one-click button or link to their website, emails, sms or social posts, allowing customers, visitors and other online users to talk face to face with the business using live video.

A simplified pricing model that charges no monthly or recurring fees and only charges a low cost per-minute of video or voice calls actually made. We also believe that any pre-paid video minutes purchases by a business should be available for all their staff across the company. We charge no extra fees for additional staff and the business can create unlimited groupings of staff to handle incoming calls, again with no extra fees.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Steve Procter, Clickacall launched in May 2019 and is applying a tried and tested business startup formula that takes seemingly complex technology and provides a new, refreshing and easily-affordable approach for use by all.