Arriving 7th May 2019

With the addition of a simple web-link or call button, Clickacall adds one-click live video or voice calling, screenshare and caller-tracking to your website, emails, sms and social posts.

Whether your business goals are more leads, higher sales or better service, Clickacall's ready-made live video and voice calling improves the human connection between your staff and sales leads, visitors, users & customers. Clickacall helps restore the personal interaction during any sales or support process and provides a fast and effective way for businesses to engage face to face online, without interrupting the user experience. There is no need to pre-arrange and schedule video meetings and conferences or book special video rooms. One click of your new web-link or call button will start a video or voice-only call directly to you or your staff. You can even setup unlimited groups of staff to handle different incoming calls. Everything happens within the browser, no extra software or install is required. It works on any device with a browser, camera and microphone. The system is robust, secure and all video & voice calls are completely private.

Your staff will have a simple browser-based dashboard that rings to indicate incoming calls. They will see what web page the caller is on and the referring web page, and can also view additional dynamic parameters that you can place on the web-link or call button to detail more about the caller. No more "how did you hear of us" when you speak to callers - you will already know!

If you run or work in a business that wants to improve the relationship with your pre & post sales users, visitors and customers, then add live video & voice calling, screen share & caller-tracking today.

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