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  • Jordan Worthington

Why Clickacall is groundbreaking: Co-Founder Jordan Worthington

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

In the first of our Words from the Founders series, Jordan Worthington explains what makes Clickacall special, and his plans for growing the brand.

“Why I joined the Clickacall team”

When I first heard about Clickacall, I said to myself: “This is such a good product – I want to be a part of this.”

I’ve been building up experience in the digital sector for years, so I back myself to know when something has a lot of potential, and that’s exactly why I’m here at Clickacall.

My journey started a few years back as a digital project manager with the Hakim Group. When I started I was the only in-house digital employee, and over three years I built up a team of more than 20 people working in a range of different areas.

We were a best in class operation.

Since then I’ve gone on to work with a bunch of start-ups, I’ve set up my own incubator, I’ve done mentorship programmes, I’ve worked in Uganda volunteering with young entrepreneurs and I’ve held advisory roles in a range of businesses in different sectors.

Now I’m creating a small portfolio of my own, aiming for the most innovative companies, ones that solve problems and also have the potential to become very scalable.

I actually got approached by Clickacall as a solution for my team to use in the role I was in at that point.

When I spoke to our founder, Steve Proctor, I instantly knew that it wasn’t something I just wanted to use. That’s when the fire was lit.

That’s when I partnered with Steve and since then we’ve made big strides to take the product forward.

“What Clickacall offers is groundbreaking”

Clickacall is a new, innovative approach to something that has already existed for some time.

Video calls, online communication, lead tracking – this technology has been around for a long time. But people always over-complicate the problem.

It seems to be a race to see who can add the most features to their tech stack, but nobody is thinking about the user experience and the simplicity behind what they actually need.

There are so many examples of very complex and expensive solutions that require a lot of training to use, and all of these businesses then hire large marketing, sales and product teams, driving up cost.

Clickacall is different.

We’ve engineered something that does everything it needs to do, and also has the open API features so that everybody can build exactly what they need.

The idea that you can copy and paste a code, put it onto a website and you now have a button that can take audio and video calls is groundbreaking.

On top of that you can record all of those calls and track them – it offers so many new avenues for things like marketing efforts, tracking, internal comms.

It gives a little bit of globalisation to things like responsive numbers. How many times have you been on a website and seen a phone number that you don’t recognise and had to look up to see whether it will charge you, or you’ve had to put in the area code?

It’s just not a good customer experience.

With Clickacall it’s embed a button, no download and no sign up, and at the same time it works from anywhere in any capacity.

Once the word gets out, we think that’s going to be a very attractive package.

“Clickacall is a brand based on an idea”

At the moment Clickacall has two core products, Connect and Convert.

Convert is our flagship product that provides something very different to what is currently on the marketplace, and we think will change the way that businesses communicate with customers.

Connect is a product where we want everybody to get involved, get chatting and get using the technology.

But for us Clickacall isn’t just about those two products.

We want to build a business around video technology and connectivity and take it back to basics – offering simple, low cost solutions that do everything people need them to do in a way that they understand.

No training, no complexity, no unfair and unnecessary costs.

So Clickacall isn’t just one product or another. It’s a brand based on an idea and a message that we can simplify communications for everyone.

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