U S E  C A S E S

Clickacall Business Applications

Businesses all over the world are using Clickacall to power their customer and team interactions. Here are just a few amazing ways in which we make their lives easier.

W E B S I T E  S U P P O R T  &  C O N S U L T A T I O N S

Instantly Install Anywhere With Unlimited Agents And Call Groups.

Manage calls from your desktop or mobile and invite new agents in one click. Optional call recording and call insights built in. Works on any browser from any location.

Website Support

ClickaCall is an absolute game changer.

Campaign Tracking

Real Time Call Data & Unlimited Tags

C A M P A I G N  T R A C K I N G  &  C A L L E R  I N S I G H T S

Use Different Buttons For Campaign Landing Pages, Tracking Calls Without The Need For Responsive Numbers.

With in-built call recording, lead status and analytics overview, roll out and track campaigns in seconds at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional softwares, with the added functionality of live video and remote team access from anywhere. 



Are You Ready To Transform Your Business?

I N T E R N A L   T E A M   C O M M U N I C A T I O N S

Email Call Links Or Embed In Signatures For Instant Internal Communication.

Instant team communication in a single click. Got team members from all around the world? Never worry about phone costs, extension codes or video calls again.


Manage Calls & Agents From Your Mobile Device

Internal Team Communications